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Garden Duplex of approximately 128 square meters + 160 square meters of a garden at a price of 5,100,00 ILS. The apartment has been designed by a unique interior architect that added to the apartment many additions that are not to be detailed and updated in simulations.
As well as that, the purchase is coupled with a sales law guarantee by the Jerusalem Bank and a payment insurance by Harel.
Approximate population in 3 months.
Red-Yam projects Ltd.
From M-tower group.
Yehuda HaYamit 28 Tel Aviv-Yafo
Only 500 meters of walking from the sea. Comes, is created, and is renewed A wonderful urban area, Yehuda HaYamit 28.
Such an area, we all dreamed of living in…. living in the center…. In the new bohemic heart of Jaffa.
Just a few minutes from the renowned flea market in the cafes, restaurants, bars, and boutiques.
Just a few minutes from the beach, the alleys of ancient Jaffa, from the port area, and from the romantic walk by the sea.
Just a few minutes from the “Galey Tzahal” area and from Café Alma
Just…..because you deserve the best. Yehuda HaYamit 28
Yehuda HaYamit 28 is a project founded by “Rad-Yam projects” in collaboration with the architect Liat Price that planned the apartments in the project while paying attention on keeping the unique vibe of the area, on strict planning that combines building quality and functionality matching the ambience of the street
Yehuda HaYamit is the transliteration of the Hebrew translation of the Latin words “Judea Navalis” meaning “The Sea Yehuda Kingdom”. This is the name the Romans called the Yehuda kingdom after conquering Jaffa and adding it to the Roman kingdom
  • Giant master bedroom that includes a balcony
  • High quality aluminum windows
  • Elevator
  • Underground parking
  • Preparation work for A/C
  • Tri-fusal electricity
  • Granite porcelain paving
  • Work area in the kitchen from Caesarean rock with a choice of 4 colors
  • Preparation for a dish washer
  • High quality kitchen cupboards
  • Luxury detachable faucet in the kitchen
  • TV and phone sockets in every room
  • Closed-circuit intercom
  • Decorative interior doors


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