Choosing the apartment and the area of residence

Before buying the apartment it is suggested to look out for the following

The environment

  •  First choose the environment you want to live in
  •  Tour the area and talk to the neighbors
  •  See how the environment supplies all of your needs: Schools, public transportation, churches/synagogues, etc. Planned building in the area
  •  It is important to check if building is planned in the area, such as a road or a mall.

  •  In order to check these details, you need to contact the local council responsible for planning and building in the relevant local authority and check the existing plans for the area and especially the future plans.

The apartment

  •  When choosing the apartment, it is important to check the apartment’s location in the building, the direction of the wind, the apartment’s size, and the inner and outer architecture. It is advised to make sure that there aren’t any ecological or environmental threats nearby, such as industry buildings, busy roads, garbage sites, and electricity-related factories.
  •  If you are buying an apartment with an adjacent garden or with a roof make sure there isn’t anything that belongs to other residents in areas close to your property.
  •  Take a look at a few apartments and think of your needs in the short term and in the long term.
  •  Check the apartment’s location in the area and its location in the building itself.
  •  The decision of which apartment to choose from a variety in the same building is meaningful and important, and will affect your quality of life.
  •  For example, an apartment on the first floor is easy to get to but is closer to the ground and usually more “exposed” to other residents of the building.
  •  Check how many floors are in the building and how much privacy each apartment allows.