Israel real estate buyers group

Buyers Group – Save up to hundreds of thousands of NIS when purchasing an apartment in Israel!

ISRAELREALS.COM specializes in forming buyers group of foreign residents as a powerful bargaining force with developers/contractors in order to get the best real-estate deals, after a careful inspection and testing which are done by the MNA institute for real-estate researches.

Steps of the process:

  •  Fill in the details, the needs and the desired area on the registration form, free of charge.
  •  When a group is formed in a desired area, we will go out on an objective developer auction to get the most profitable conditions for the group’s members.
  • Legal negotiations with the developer.
  • Creating a personal mortgage-spread and performing an auction of mortgage banks in order to get the best financing conditions for the group’s members.
  • After signing the purchase contract, we continue to accompany the group’s members until the apartment is occupied, including an option to manage a group buying for a centralized purchase of products and services for the apartment in order to save money and valuable time.

Additional benefits for the buyers group’s members:

  • A ticket for the fascinating lecture “The Secret Basis of Real-estate” by Danny Daniel – Israel’s leading real-estate mentor.
  • Initial mortgage consultation, free of charge.
  • One legal consultation for all confirmed group members.
  • Receive information, tips and fresh updates about real-estate opportunities.
  • Lectures by industry-leading professionals.

Please fill in your details in the registration form.

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20 years of experience in real-estate

The project is in collaboration with the MNA institute for real-estate researches, which is a leader in its field. The institute’s owner, Danny Daniel, is a real-estate mentor, senior lecturer and a knowledgeable consultant with 20 years of real-estate experience. Daniel developed and the host of the TV shows “The Guide to Buying a House“, “The Guide to Green Construction” and “The Guide to Building a Home“.


You benefit as a group by saving money and valuable time, with professional help from skilled experts. The developers benefit by saving a lot of money in the project’s funding and in marketing and advertising costs, so they can give the group’s members significant benefits.

Please fill in your details in the registration form.

* Offer is subject to the organization’s regulations and may change from time to time.
For further details, please leave your details in the contact form.

Please Fill in your details And you can also Get a Free meeting with a leading Real Estate Mentor*

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