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  • Do not hurry to have the apartment delivered.
  • Make sure that delivering the apartment will be done in an orderly manner, after being given a prior notice in fair prior time and according to the selling contract. It is recommended to accept the apartment only after washing the floor and cleaning the sanitary tools by the seller, so you will be able to see if there are flaws. Make sure to have a thorough check of the apartment performed before accepting it – desirably by an engineer.
  • Make sure to keep a detailed record of all flaws found and how and when they will be fixed.
  • If after accepting the apartment flaws were found, contact the seller in writing and detail the flaws.
  • In the end of the first year after accepting the apartment the seller with deal with all flaws except for those who must be dealt with immediately, subject to the contract. With that said, the seller is responsible for flaws for a few years after that (See Contractor Responsibility Clause below) and subject to the selling law (apartments).

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